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8 Mile Settlement is an interesting part of Port Moresby, and of Papua New Guinea.

8 Mile Settlement is a ten minute drive from Port Moresby International Airport. The community of 8 Mile Settlement welcomes visitors to come and see what life in a settlement is really like. It is no secret that Port Moresby has a bad reputaion as being a dangerous place to visit, and to live. Settlement communities  in Port Moresby are often especially regarded as notoriously dangerous places. However, settlement communities, including 8 Mile Settlement, are first and foremost communities of people, living together as best they can, trying to work, feed their families, and survive, just like everyone else in the world. The majority of residents in 8 Mile Settlement live without power and running water. There is one main water pipe that comes on twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, and this water supplies around fifteen thousand people with their daily water needs. While living conditions in 8 Mile Settlement are extremely basic, the community works together to promote a peaceful and harmonious environment in which people can live their lives and raise their families.

Most of the people who live in 8 Mile Settlement come from the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. In our community in 8 Mile we make gardens, and there are two markets where you can buy fresh, locally grown produce for a fraction of what you might pay in the supermarket.

There are numerous artists and craftspeople who live in 8 Mile Settlement, some of whose work can be seen on this website. In 8 Mile settlement you can find beautiful bilums, paintings, drawings, woven baskets and mats, and much more!

If you are interested in visiting 8 Mile Settlement while you are in Port Moresby, please send an email to:

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“I think the most telling realisation for me was as I took off from Port Moresby airport I realised I had just wandered around at night and slept in an informal settlement in what I was constantly told was one of the most dangerous cities in the world but at no stage did I feel anything other than comfortable and enthralled.”

Dylan Quinnell, Masters student, Queensland University (Australia) after visiting 8 Mile in April 2010.