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Photographs appearing on www.8milesettlement.com are now available for purchase. Members of the community use a Canon G10 camera and prints are made at a professional printing lab in Sydney, NSW. All photographs are available in an edition of 15 + 2 Artist Proofs.

For information please download this pdf

The community members of 8 Mile Settlement are a talented bunch!

We have people in the settlement who have studied Art at the University of Papua New Guinea, and we have numerous practicing artists living here. One of our community leaders, Mr David Motsy, is Head of Performing Arts at the University of Papua New Guinea.

There are plenty of talented men and women in 8 Mile Settlement who make beautiful paintings, drawings, sculptures, bilums, baskets, mats, and much more.

Orders for bilums and other art and crafts can be placed directly though this website. We can make bilums to order and the talented bilum makers can even take requests for your favourite colours and patterns. If there is something that you really like on this website, we can certainly make something for you that you are certain to love. Our talented bilum makers are also happy to take requests for designs based on your country’s flag. Ofcourse, the PNG flag is a popular design for the locals here in Port Moresby!

Prices on bilums start at around  50 Kina (about $25 AUD) and can go up to 150 Kina (depending on size).

If you would like more information on arts and crafts available here in 8 Mile Settlement, please send an email to:

info (at) 8milesettlement.com

We do accept international orders
Please note that all photographs that appear on this website are protected by copyright.
Enquiries for the use of these images should be directed by email to info (at) 8milesettlement.com